2hr Sketchwalk Workshops Porthleven

This booking is for a 2hr workshop with artist.
Date and time to be determined once you've booked a slot.
I will get in touch within 24hrs to arrange a time and day to meet (alternatively contact me before to arrange a time).

Price: £25 per person includes sketchbook and use of artists materials
Discount applied for groups of 4 or more
Minimum party 2 people
Each workshop lasts 2 hours
Ideal for family, friend, work groups

Meet at 1 Chapel Terrace, Porthleven

I am offering sketch walks around Porthleven to parties of 2 or more.

Who is this for? You will love this workshop if:

You are looking for a creative meaningful activity to do in your down time
You are looking to improve your observation skills and grow in confidence
You want to take in and record Porthleven in a fun way
You are interested in Urban Sketching and looking to start a habit of sketchbook journalling

Where and what does it entail?

In this workshop Melanie will lead you through the village of Porthleven giving time to observe and sketch from life whilst also giving you advice and guidance on how to best capture your subjects. She will also give a brief overview of keeping a sketchbook and ideas for how to build it into a daily habit.

What do I need to bring?

You do not need to bring anything with you other than a bag to carry supplies. Sketchbooks will be provided along with a selection of drawing materials.
Make sure to not overload yourself, remember you will be walking around so only bring what you are comfortable to carry.

The workshop will only be cancelled if weather is torrential rain, and severe winds. Please expect the workshop to go ahead unless you hear otherwise.
Full amount will be re-imbursed once that decision has been made on the day.

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