1-1 Virtual Art Tuition -drawing and sketching

If you're looking to get started with drawing and sketching and would like a concentrated time with me then I can provide you with 1-1 art tuition to help you along your way.
Once you've booked we will arrange a time and date that's suitable.

I will then send you a link for our designated meeting online using the app called ZOOM.
This is free for you to instal and is simple to use on either your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

I will send you a list of materials that may be handy for you to have prior to the session. We will typically focus on one subject per session (agreed in advance) and then I'll show you ways to capture it so you'll end up with a finished piece by the end of our time together as well as the confidence to try it again yourself.

Sessions may last 1 hour/2 hours/3 hours depending on your needs and will happen all online.
Of course you can book further sessions with me too.

Do you have a friend who would also like to learn to sketch? Discount available for 2 person tuition.

Tuition suitable for 11 years and up.

Any further questions please email me prior to booking.

Please note when booking a workshop you will not receive any paperwork in the post, just an email confirmation of your booking.

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